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Catharine Armitage

6th July – 3rd August 2024

This summer Tremenheere Gallery presents a retrospective exhibition of works by the painter Catharine Armitage (1944 – 2020).

About the artist: Catharine Armitage was born in Surrey and lived there until she was eight, before moving to Derbyshire. As a young adult, Armitage took a secretarial course in Oxford, then moved to London to work at a photographic agency. In 1964 she moved to Bristol and worked as a personal assistant to an interior designer. Shortly after, she met the artist Paul Feiler, who encouraged her to undertake evening art classes. From 1967 to 1973, Armitage completed a painting degree and a postgraduate in etching at the Slade. She and Feiler married in 1970, and three years later they moved to Kerris, Cornwall, where their twin sons were born in 1974. With Feiler’s encouragement, she began painting abstract, organic forms, inspired by seeing the work of Jean Dubuffet. Feiler stressed the importance of using edges in her work; this was to play a vital role, with edges either defined by lines or colour, or through the application of paint. She was interested in the textures of paint, and while her early works are characterised by flatly applied paint, later works are heavily worked, with the artist often adding sand to achieve a rougher surface, and later, collaged materials. Though apparently abstract, her work is always of landscape; inspiration has been found in the local Cornish landscape, but also from further afield: the Waxholme series was inspired by a large outcropping of rocks in Sweden, based on her own photographs, while the Dunderet series of 2009 was based on drawings made during a trip to the Arctic Circle.

Tremenheere Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm. There will be an opening event on Saturday 13th July, 4 – 6pm. Works from the exhibition will be available to view and purchase online once the exhibition opens. Entry to Tremenheere Gallery is FREE. Catharine Armitage will run in the upper gallery, while at the same time the lower gallery will present Hannah Woodman: With a Single Step…

Emerging Circles (Nano XXIII)


Painting, Grey VII

Dunderet V

Emerging Blue

Hope III

Buoys & Bars

Sri Lanka III


Through the Window I

Green Emerging

Winter Surf

Kerris, Blue

Floating Forms

Rising Blue

Autumn Blue

Rolling Circles (Nano XIV)


Reflection II

Trungle II

Debbie’s Gate

Newlyn Ropes II

Reflection III

Ochre Bars

Newlyn Window IV

Winter Wave

March II

Waxholme I

Waxholme III

Springtime II

Kerris Heads I

Antimo I

March III


Blue Wall I

Swedish Summer

Swedish Summer II

Newlyn Stripes

Ochre Pressing

Rolling Circle (Nano VIII)

Kerris Circle

Arles I

Echo I

Red, Yellow and Green


Giotto Rock I

Circles Two II

Pink Lock II

Umbria III

Autumn Window

Collage Painting, Ochre

Harbour, Blue

Newlyn Stripes

Radebeul V

Outside Siena III

Circles, Two

Blue Wall II



Floating Grey

Blue Fruit Bowl

Newlyn Red

Fresco II


Blue Wall III

Hosios Lukas

Frozen Lake II

Tor II

Drainpipes II

Floating Forms



Winter II