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Sculptors' Prints

23 July - 27 August 2022

This exhibition focuses on works on paper by three sculptors whose work is displayed at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Richard Long’s screenprints are based on drawings made from mud taken from the river in Bristol, the city where Long was born and continues to live. The prints depict rivulets of muddy water; Long enjoys working with this mud for its tactility and material simplicity, as well as its significance as a natural force which has traced the earth’s surface for over a millennia.  David Nash’s stencil editions reflect the natural formations and shapes of the artist’s sculpture as well as the changing seasons. Richard Woods woodblock and screenprints take as their subject matter notions of taste and the cult of home improvement amid a national booming market for second homes. Each print is layered with Woods’ classic brick, tile, wood and stone patterns and designs.

Sculptors Prints’: Richard Long, David Nash and Richard Woods will run on the lower floor of Tremenheere Gallery, while Gillian Ayres & Howard Hodgkin runs concurrently on the upper floor. Both exhibitions are organised in conjunction with Cristea Roberts Gallery.

Tremenheere Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm. Closed Sundays and Mondays. FREE entry – no need to pre-book visits.