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Armchair Painting – Untitled

The Dowsers

The Procession Continued Down to the Shore

Complex System 27 and 28


Hardtack Juniper

Winter Aqua Oscura

Traces of Occupation

The Darley Oak

Cover your Tracks

The Ride of Joy

Monkey Island

The Girl who Came Back

The Long Hot Summer

(Rhododendron) When the Flowers Bloom

What Lies Between

Drone Cognezance

The Wayside Signs III

Full of Life

The Wayside Signs II

The Wayside Signs

What Happens to the Garden While We Are Sleeping?

The Creation Triptych

Botallack Still Life

Little Hedge Leaves

The Cloud, Future Value

Tracing Pilgrimage

Living with Fossils

Writing in the Stones

The Spiritual is Always Mapped to the Material

Baume / Balm

Flood (IPCC)

Magic Lantern: Cumulus for Now

Held in Place

When Great Things Happen

The Keeper of the Water

Everything is Made of Magic

The Flow of Water


Obituary: Ana Mendieta

Obituary: Nancy Holt


The Triumph of Love

On the Edge of Bohemia

Play the Bones

In Uncharted Waters

Terror Incognita

In the Company of Trees (Del Parto)

A Mourning Sky (Disturbed)

Wilderness Landscape (Weight of the World)

Ground Control (study)

On a Night With No Moon

Into The Sea

Tremenheere Gardens I

With Love Comes The Day


Cape Cornwall


Botallack Sunset

Stones by the Way

Mysterious Priest

The Tidal Zone




Garden Dance

Old Scuppers


Drone Series 01

Drone Series 02

Drone Series 03

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (036)

Playing Under a Cloudless Sky

Yellow Dress

Reds And Grey

The Beach Tree

Girl Seated

The Potential of Beauty

The Whole World is a Garden

The First Kiss

Water Lilies Glow

The Magic of the Garden

Ferns in Summer

Bathed in Gold

Becoming Flower

Newlyn Morning – SOLD

Deep Dive

Across The Abstract Space

Skelly Blue

The Twisted Beech

The Cursed Manaccan Fig

The Wibbly Wobbly Oak

The Swannacott Oak

Oscar’s Kiss

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (064)

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (054)

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (017)

Botallack Walk

The Sunrise Over The River


Cracked 3

Cracked Hull 3

Cracked Hull 1

Split Stern of a Wreck

Split Stern of a Wreck 2

Yellow Sun

Landscape after Giotto

Landscape With a Spring (after Giotto)

Mineral Potentials (Clay Pit)

Fractured Driftwood

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (076)

Place of a Pledge Fulfilled

Immersed In Flows

Threshold (Dream Space)

Out in the Wilderness (Hope)

Out in the Wilderness (Joy)

Transfigured (at Night)

Wetlands II


Gathering Lights

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (018)

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (074)

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (065)

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (043)

Data Cloud

Ocean Edge

Old Grace

Ocean Edge I

Skinted Low Tide


Coastal Drift

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (066)

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (059)

Leonard Jake/The Sad Crow (058)


Memory Of A Dinner Party

Spring Snow

Tremenheere Gardens lll

Taking A Moment, Maybe a Moment Too Long

Black Beauty

Flights of Fancy (in Pink)

All is Quiet

The Disturbance of Peace

Don’t Pick The Flowers

Just Keep Swimming and Swimming

I Love You

Fragment of Hull

The Road to Bohemia

Dad (Crete)

Mum (Crete)