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Francesca Owen: The Triumph of Love

3rd - 30th September 2022

Following a year as an artist in residence at Tremenheere, Francesca Owen presents The Triumph of Love at Tremenheere Gallery. The solo exhibition of new works represents a full year of painting in the gardens at Tremenheere; gathering information for her works which goes deeper than observation and opens a world of stories.

You can read more about Francesca’s year as an artist in residence here.

The Ride of Joy

The Long Hot Summer

(Rhododendron) When the Flowers Bloom

Full of Life

What Happens to the Garden While We Are Sleeping?

The Creation Triptych

When Great Things Happen

The Keeper of the Water

Everything is Made of Magic

The Flow of Water


The Triumph of Love

Garden Dance

Playing Under a Cloudless Sky

Yellow Dress

Girl Seated

The Potential of Beauty

The Whole World is a Garden

The First Kiss

Water Lilies Glow

The Magic of the Garden

Ferns in Summer

Bathed in Gold

Becoming Flower