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Henrietta Simson: Reimagining Wilderness

3rd - 30th September 2022

A solo exhibition of recent paintings by Henrietta Simson inspired by the gardens and site of Tremenheere that explore landscape through time (history), presence, embodiment and materiality.

Henrietta Simson’s work reappraises the visual and spatial structures that inform western notions of landscape and seeks to move beyond their shaping of landscape as ‘de facto’ representational image towards an idea of mutuality and embodied form.  She uses different media to make works that re-imagine landscape and our relationship with it by drawing on affective and material alternatives to realism.  These push at the boundaries between the landscape image and its object, between illusion and embodied presence.  They involve re-visiting the beginnings of the western visual tradition and plotting a different trajectory for the landscape image at this crucial juncture of history.

Tremenheere Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm. Closed Sundays and Mondays. FREE entry – no need to pre-book visits. The exhibition will be launched with an opening event on Friday 2nd September, 6-8pm.

The Cloud, Future Value

Tracing Pilgrimage

Living with Fossils

Writing in the Stones

The Spiritual is Always Mapped to the Material

Baume / Balm

Flood (IPCC)

Magic Lantern: Cumulus for Now

In Uncharted Waters

Terror Incognita

In the Company of Trees (Del Parto)

A Mourning Sky (Disturbed)

Wilderness Landscape (Weight of the World)

Landscape after Giotto

Landscape With a Spring (after Giotto)

Mineral Potentials (Clay Pit)

Place of a Pledge Fulfilled

Immersed In Flows

Threshold (Dream Space)

Out in the Wilderness (Hope)

Out in the Wilderness (Joy)

Transfigured (at Night)

Data Cloud